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Last month we explained what MetaJure is and how it can help your law firm.  If you missed that post, see it here.  This time we are going to focus on the benefits of implementing and using MetaJure.

In the picture below, you see a comparison between implementing a traditional DMS to implementing MetaJure.  MetaJure provides you with all the benefits of an automated/traditional DMS without the pain.

You don’t have to do anything to get the information into MetaJure because it automatically collects and indexes all documents and emails.  You can easily retrieve the documents using a Google-like interface.


When implementing most document management systems, there is disruption to your office work flow.  MetaJure identifies three distinct differences:

1.   It is Non-Disruptive to your everyday workday

  •          Reduction in lost knowledge and ethical exposure of missing documents.
  •          No long training or steep learning curves
  •          No extra steps for your staff to upload, tag or profile documents
  •          Works automatically

2.       It is easy to implement and use

  • Setup & installation takes just a few days
  • No expensive data conversion
  • Train your staff in under 30 minutes
  • As simple as searching the WEB
  • Accessible from any PC, Tablet or Smartphone

3.  It is 100% Flexible

  •          Adapts to the way your firm operates
  •          No fixed filing structure
  •          Easy to adjust what information is shared
  •          Supports intuitive searching

Pricing is on everyone’s mind when it comes to implementing a new system.  An added benefit with MetaJure is that you can take it for a Free 30-day test ride.  No Risk.

If you are interested in seeing MetaJure in action, or if you would like additional information, please contact us at 877.357.0555 or send an email to your representative at their individual address or at [email protected].