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Almost by accident, we recently stumbled upon a 3rd party application for Sage 50 that we think could benefit many of our clients. The app is called AutoEntry. It takes the drudgery out of manually entering invoice details into Sage 50 by scanning each document, categorizing the document for vendor and general ledger account info, and then “publishing” (i.e. loading) the relevant information automatically into Sage 50 for further processing.

 If you have a scanner, or a smartphone camera, you are ready to start using Sage 50 AutoEntry. If you already receive some or all invoices electronically, you can upload those directly to the app with no scanning required.

Here is how it works, as described on the AutoEntry website:

  1. Capture your invoice, receipt, bank statement, or document photograph
  2. Submit your capture to the AutoEntry app, which will extract the relevant data, verify the information, and display it to you in a spreadsheet-like interface
  3. Review the captured data, apply any changes to the document details and/or categorization, and send to the relevant Sage 50 transaction entry screen via the “Publish” button
  4. View the published transaction in Sage 50!

This innovative application has the potential to significantly reduce time spent performing data entry tasks, and to improve accuracy of the transactions entered. The application also “learns” as it goes, so the more often you use it the “smarter” it becomes (wish this worked for humans!).

As is most software today, AutoEntry is sold via a subscription model. Unlike many apps, however, AutoEntry is priced according to usage. Monthly pricing ranges from $12 to $450, depending on the number of “credits” needed per month. Credits needed are calculated based on

  • the number of invoices and receipts processed per month – uses 1 credit per invoice
  • the percent of invoices that require multiple line items to be entered – uses 2 credits per invoice
  • the number of bank statement pages entered – uses 3 credits per page

If you don’t use the app in any given month, you pay only a base monthly charge, and you can upgrade, downgrade, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time (monthly charges do apply to pauses and plan changes, however). Given this flexibility, the risk of signing up for the app is pretty minimal. Pricing is totally volume-driven, which is a very interesting – and useful! – pricing model for software.

Here is an example of a “typical” Sage 50 monthly processing volume with the resulting credit calculation:

To learn more about the product, or to start a free trial subscription to AutoEntry, click here to register for your free trial.

As a new AutoEntry Partner, Crosspointe Consulting Group (via its partner member TriStar Data Systems) is able to offer a 50% subscription discount for the first six months of your initial subscription.

We have installed AutoEntry with our own internal Sage 50 license, and have been impressed with its power and ease of use. We think that this app can be a real game changer for Sage 50 users with significant data entry requirements.

NOTE: AutoEntry for Sage 50 requires that your Sage 50 accounting database be set to Accrual Mode.

click this link to schedule a demo of AutoEntry with our AutoEntry Account Manager, 

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