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LawPay, an AffiniPay service, is the gold standard for law firms who want a secure and reliable method of accepting payments and trust funds. While other payment services provide links to their sites, or require specific applications for acceptance, LawPay now offers the option to use QR Codes to facilitate payment.  The good news here is that this option works with any billing program or application – just copy and paste it on your invoice!

  Here’s how this works:

Sign in to your LawPay account and click on the Charge tab

  • LawPay creates a unique QR Code for each payment page in your account. Just click on the code you want to use. A new window will open where you can either copy the code to paste into an invoice or print out a sheet with your QR Code.
  • That’s it!
  • When clients scan the code, they will be redirected to a secure web page on your LawPay account where they can enter their credit card or eCheck information and submit payment instantly.

Besides embedding the code on invoices, you may also print it out to display at your desk or in the reception area for quick, contact-less checkout.

This option makes payment easy – clients may use their smartphones or other devices. And that means you get paid faster.

Check out this feature on the LawPay site at https://www.lawpay.com/features/qr-code-payments/

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