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As the pandemic continues, and law firms seek ways to keep their practices alive while having limited access to office resources, Crosspointe has stepped up its support for Cloud-based law office management products.  In our last post we discussed Soluno, a comprehensive Cloud-based application with a strong accounting orientation. Today we look at Lawpay, a payment processing service designed specifically for law practices

Notwithstanding all of the issues created with trying to run a law practice during a pandemic, the show must go on. And that certainly includes sending bills, and getting paid during the pandemic. Most law office billing products popular today include some form of electronic billing. Whether linked to Outlook or some other email application, or submitting invoices via one of the many formal “electronic billing” formats (LEDES, TyMetrix, etc.), bills can still go out.

Receiving payment for those invoices can be a bit trickier during the pandemic. Many companies are still not returning to the office on a regular basis, which can create issues for processing payment checks. And given all of the upheaval with the postal service, do you really want to put your financial well-being in the hands of that troubled service? Getting paid during the pandemic can indeed be challenging.

Enter LawPay, which has seen its business explode during the pandemic. LawPay logo

LawPay was the first, and remains the largest, online payment service designed specifically for law practices. Today more than 45,000 law firms have subscribed to this payment processing service.  Payments from clients can be processed by LawPay via either credit or debit cards, or via echeck. Most of the modern time billing and practice management systems that Crosspointe supports today have links to LawPay built right into their interface, making it extremely simple to apply an electronic payment to an open invoice.

Because the application was designed specifically for law offices, LawPay is able to completely segregate earned from unearned funds, and prevent any third-party transactions from debiting your IOLTA account, in compliance with ABA and IOLTA requirements.

Pre-configured links to LawPay are available to include on invoices generated by most popular time billing applications. LawPay also offers the ability to create a custom payment page on your firm’s website, fully branded with your firm’s logo and information. The LawPay link can also be added to email signatures, and thus payments can be generated from mobile phones, tablets, or any other device that can access the Internet.

No special processing equipment (terminals, etc.) are required to process LawPay payments. All that is needed to receive a payment is access to the Internet via any device that supports a connection to LawPay’s secure payment portal.

As of this writing LawPay supports integration with all of the following applications supported by Crosspointe:


LawPay is available for a monthly fee of $20, with no long-term commitment required. Transaction fees range from 1.95% to 2.95%, depending on the transaction type. You can request a demo of the system or sign up for an account at lawpay.com.

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Need help managing your billing and payment activity during this difficult time? Crosspointe has helped many firms to navigate the complicated waters of remote office work. Email us at [email protected] or call us at 877-357-0555 if you are looking for ways to keep your firm afloat until we can all return to “normal”, whatever that may turn out to be.