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Here is the round up from Day One at LegalTech New York 2015, kicking off the year with one of the most important legal technology trade shows:

This year’s keynote presentation was on Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection: Legal Challenges in the Digital Age

  • How data usage and data management impact security
  • The intersection of eDiscovery, information governance and data privacy
  • Security and data protection issues associated with social media; Finding a balance between creating product value while safeguarding users’ privacy
  •  The impact of cross-border data protection and privacy policy on future technology

This theme of security and privacy in social media, with data stored anywhere, should resonate with lawyers who strive to fulfil their obligation to protect their clients’ data.

We took a walk around the Exhibit Hall at the New York Hilton. The show was well attended on Day One, one day after the snowstorm. Some exhibitors and presenters faced a challenge making it to the show on time, as many flights into the area were cancelled.

We homed in on vendors at Gavel & Gown Software (Amicus Attorney), LexisNexis (PCLaw and Time Matters), NetDocuments, World Software (Worldox), and spoke with Dan Mintz of Metajure. Read below for details:

Amicus Attorney Premium Edition 2015: Gavel & Gown announced the release of the latest version of their practice management application. The big news for this latest edition is the addition of a Client Portal, allowing documents and selected case data to be shared with clients, and allowing clients to communicate with the firm through the portal. Other new features include improved document searches, file automation, and matter overviews. Amicus Anywhere and Time Tracker continue to provide access to files from a remote computer, tablet or smartphone.

LexisNexis PCLaw 14 and Time Matters 14: These products, released earlier this year, were shown in the LexisNexis booth. PCLaw 14 offers batch emailing of bills, allowing firms to send multiple bills by email quickly and easily. Time Matters 14 has a new calendar design, in-place upgrade capability from Time Matters 13, and an improved integration with Juris.

Worldox GX4: World Software showed the completely redesigned Worldox GX4. The system’s Active Profiling capability makes it easier than ever to manage emails. GX4 actively monitors Microsoft Outlook emails, and assigns client/matter information for end of day, one-click batch filing. In addition, folders are automatically created in the Outlook folder tree that correlate to the user’s Worldox Favorite Matters. The clean, redesigned interface allows for quick sort options by doc type, date and category. The new inline viewer allows for scrolling through search results while viewing the document in the right window pane. As in Worldox GX3, multiple deployment options are available, including GX4 Cloud and a hybrid Worldox Enterprise approach.

Worldox Web 2.0: Worldox Web provides browser-based and mobile access to Worldox content from anywhere. This mobile solution works on most PCs, laptops, handhelds, and with native iPad and iPhone apps.

NetDocuments: NetDocuments adds smart email management with Recommind’s Decisiv. The integration of this functionality with its document management system will allow:

  1. Predictive filing to the DMS, based on criteria such as To, From, Cc, Subject, contents, etc. Predicted locations are visually ranked. Automatic filing can be enabled with a set threshold;
  2. De-duplication. Email is filed to the content management system once, regardless of how many individuals file it;
  3. Global filing indicator. Email is visually tagged in Outlook for all internal recipients to see in their own mailboxes, indicating it has been filed to the DMS, regardless of who in the firm initially filed it in NetDocuments.

 Metajure: This product takes a unique approach to document management – it is built to include the documents and emails that are saved outside the traditional document management system. The search results are displayed with a Google-like interface, ordered by relevancy. This way lawyers and staff can have immediate access to everything on a given topic, not just what has made it into the system. No data conversion is required to add email folders and document stores to the system. It can even search documents already stored in a conventional document management system or practice management system.

Please contact Eastern Legal Systems to ask for consulting advice about any of these product offerings and to get our take on how to maintain confidentiality while working with client data.