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Our recent visit to LegalWeek New York focused on products for storing, searching and creating documents, from Dictation One, iManage, MetaJure, NetDocuments and Worldox. Read below for details and links.

I caught up with Ray Zwiefelhofer, president of World Software, now celebrating 30 years of Worldox document management. Ray discussed a major rewrite and redesign of its offerings to be announced in May at the New Orleans Worldox user conference.  We loved the look and feel of Sony Digital Paper, an almost paper-thin yellow pad that can be written on with a stylus, that allows notetaking by hand and retrieving and annotating PDF documents.

We also caught up with Dan Mintz and Vincent Payette of MetaJure, who announced MetaJure’s full integration and new partnership with Worldox. Illuminate automatically captures, OCRs and indexes all the documents, folders and email within a firm or legal department. MetaJure is a broad Google-like searching system that can search inside and outside Worldox, SharePoint and NetDocuments repositories. In contrast to expensive and complex eDiscovery tools, MetaJure’s Spotlight affordably accesses and analyzes documents quickly from opposing counsel or when investigations are not large enough to justify big budgets.

NetDocuments announced the creation of a new AI Marketplace, designed to streamline access to specific machine learning models from approved ND partners. AI vendors are excited by the platform approach, which can facilitate best of breed solutions.  ndMail, designed to reduce email filing time and increase filing accuracy with machine learning powered recommendations based on new and existing content in the electronic file. ndMail can also map Outlook folders to NetDocuments filing locations.

Down the hall at iManage, we learned that this document management company, traditionally focused on large law firms, is developing a multitenant cloud model to be offered at a price to appeal to smaller firms, target date sometime in 2018.

Over at Dictation One, a New York-based specialist in dictation and speech recognition, we saw an amazing demonstration of the latest Dragon Dictate 15. The sales rep explained that unlike the old days, Dragon no longer requires hours of training to learn a user’s speech patterns. They do recommend using a high-quality microphone for best results.

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