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LexisNexis, the developer of the award-winning software applications Time Matters, Billing Matters, PCLaw and Juris, released the results of their recent survey of billing practices in a sample of law firms in all 50 states. This survey was picked up by several news outlets, with The Wall Street Journaloffering the best analysis of its findings.

You may click on this link to download the results of the LexisNexis® Billable Hours Survey and compare its findings with your law firm practice. Here are some of the items worth noting:

· There was a 54% difference between the highest and lowest reported hours billed compared to hours worked by state, with Delaware reporting 94% and Oregon at 40%.

· 39% of time worked is notbeing billed in the solo and two-attorney firm segment.

· 92% of time worked is being billed in the 11-20 attorney segment. This segment worked 10% more hours than the 20+ attorney segment, and billed on average 1.8 hours more per day or 19%.

· The size of a law firm was notthe silver bullet for effectively billing time worked. The top 25% of respondents who reported billing their time most efficiently was distributed fairly evenly by size of firm, except for the 20+ attorney firms, which had a much smaller representation.

· The average number of hours worked in a day was 8.9, and average hours billed was 6.9

At Eastern Legal Systems, we believe that Time = Money. We work with our clients to not only learn about their time and billing programs, but also teach them how to efficiently capture time and insure that they bill what their services are worth. How does your firm compare to the statistics shown? Are you billing the full value of your knowledge and services? What about cost recovery?

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