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This week the ABA is sponsoring their annual legal technology conference in Chicago. Billed as “the place where lawyers, legal professionals and technology all come together”, there will be panel discussions, seminars and face to face meetings with experts presenting the latest information on how members of the legal profession can practice more efficiently and serve clients more effectively.

It sounds great. Does it affect you? Oh yes. Trust me, it does. Here’s why:

The change to ABA Model Rule 1.1 now includes a working knowledge of technology in the definition of “competent to practice law”. No longer can attorneys claim technology ignorance when defending breaches in their data.

Jack Schaller and I will be at the conference this year, and will broadcast what we learn in real time via our Twitter account. (Twitter name: ELSpartners – log in to Twitter to follow us!). We will be sitting in – and participating in – discussions such as:

  • N.S.A.Y. What? Firm and Client Data Security & Encryption in the Age of Monitoring
  • Corrosion of Confidentiality – How Technology Threatens Privilege
  • Ethics 20/20, Security and Cloud Computing
  • Practice Management Software – From Agony to Ecstasy
  • And much more

Subscribe to our blog as we follow up with a post next week describing what we learned at the ABA TechShow, and how it will affect your practice.

Do you have questions about using various software programs in your practice? Not sure whether to move data to the “cloud” – or even what type of cloud? Would you like us to ask questions of the experts on your behalf while we are there this week? Send your questions before Friday, March 28 to partners@easternlegalsystems.com or call us at 1-877-ELS-0555.