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Occasionally you may have to write a check to pay a bill and will probably never have to write a check to that particular company or person again. We call this a “one-off” check, and It is not really necessary to create a new vendor record to write this one-off check. Below is method we recommend for producing a one-off check.

  1. Set up a Miscellaneous vendor in Maintain Vendors with the following information:

            Vendor ID:     MISC

            Name:             Miscellaneous

            Expense Account:    Create a new General Ledger account

                        Account ID (for example):                2999

                        Description:                                       Exchange       

                        Account Type:                                   Other Current Liabilities

No other fields in Maintain Vendors are required for this Miscellaneous vendor record.

  • To write the “One-Off” check you must use the task Write Checks. You cannot use Bills, Pay Bills, or Payments.
  • In the task Write Checks enter the Vendor ID: MISC When you follow this procedure r you will be able to type in the Payee for the check and the Payee Address on the Write Checks screen,  and you will be able to enter the correct Expense Account for that check.
  • The idea of defaulting this MISC vendor to Exchange is that, as a part of the procedure for Period (month) End Closing, one of the steps is to identify and reconcile all items in the Exchange account and make adjustments as necessary. Therefore, if the correct Expense account was not entered when writing the check, it can be adjusted at the period or month end closing.
  • Since you are using the Vendor ID MISC most reports will not show the PAYEE or ADDRESS on the check.
  • To see the Payee, at a later date:
  • Reprint the check on blank paper OR
  • In Account Reconciliation the Payee name will appear in the Payee/Description column.
  • To see the Address, at a later date:
  • Reprint the check on blank paper OR
  • In the Cash Disbursements Journal report add the column for Address.

You can use the MISC vendor for all “One-Off” checks you need to write, without having to create multiple vendor records that you will never need again.

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