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Crosspointe Consulting Group is proud to announce the latest press release from NetDocuments —

Salt Lake City, UT – August 24, 2020 –  NetDocuments, the leading secure multi-tenant cloud-based content services and productivity platform for law firms, corporate legal teams, and compliance departments, today introduced a series of new solutions – ORGANIZE, PROTECT, PLAN, DELIVER, LEARN – designed to enable customers to ‘Work Inspired.’ In support of this launch, NetDocuments is introducing Tasks, a collaborative task management system, and SmartView, a document preview and collaboration engine.  Both new technologies are part of the PLAN solution and will be featured during ILTA’s virtual ILTACON conference, August 24-28, 2020. 

NetDocuments Plan

From the outset over twenty years ago, NetDocuments has inspired the legal tech industry, as the first company to deliver document management through the browser as well as encrypting those documents with the most secure technologies available.  Using this unique cloud platform, NetDocuments has intensified the commitment to delivering ‘work inspired’ productivity solutions that provide business value to the customer base

Over the past several years, NetDocuments has brought a number of new products to market to match the evolving work habits of modern legal professionals. Today, these diverse products now fit into five separate and distinct solutions designed to support customer-inspired work and increase productivity:

  • ORGANIZE is comprised of the core NetDocuments capabilities including document and email management, and OCR technologies, all best-in-class, cloud-based, legal-specific solutions.
  • PROTECT delivers additional controls and policy tools to reduce data breaches, as well as a geoaware storage capability that enables better compliance while accelerating content delivery around the world.
  • PLAN is designed to bring teams together with one version of work focused on easy-to-use tools coordinating teams and tasks, provide real-time team communication with ndThread and Microsoft Teams integration; and facilitate task management across matters and projects.
  • DELIVER helps safely organize, package, and share content with clients, customers, outside counsel, and other third parties using built-in extranet and document bundling tools.
  • LEARN provides insights about user activity, understanding of documents, and includes enterprise search-driven knowledge management insights.

According to NetDocuments Chief Product Officer Dan Hauck, the native cloud company is much more than document management.  “Documents remain the foundation of legal work, and NetDocuments is a critical part of the way they work every day.  Our customers want us to go beyond just helping them find, open, and save documents, and tap into all the different possibilities and help add value along the way. That’s what our solutions make possible.”

Adds Hauck: “PLAN offerings including Tasks and SmartView provide more clarity around how customers communicate; how they track their work; how they plan projects; and how they markup documents and collaborate with each other.”

And here are their latest offerings –

  • Tasks is a task management system that provides a holistic view into everything that is important in a project/matter and provides collaboration inside a workspace for various parties who have interconnected deliverables to help users track project stages, owners, deadlines, deliverables.  Core functionality includes a task board, task assignments and deadlines, color coding, sub-tasks, comments, and links to existing workspace documents.  Tasks gives users a visual snapshot of their workload and project status and inspire legal teams that need a way to create checklists and track project tasks at the user-level.
  • SmartView enables document collaboration without requiring underlying edits while eliminating document ‘check-out’ wars.  SmartView simplifies document reviews by making it easy to quickly preview, annotate, and mark up documents without ever needing to download the files to the desktop.  With SmartView, users can make Margin Notes to annotate files with colleagues and clients in real-time —and take advantage of findings to quickly navigate through people, places, companies, and more.

“A great day for a CEO is when the company and team share a common vision to deliver inspired work,” commented NetDocuments CEO Josh Baxter on a recent media call.  “An even better day is when that vision is real and positively impacting the market. During Q2, Q1 of COVID, we have, without much fanfare or marketing glitz, quietly launched our Work Inspired PLAN, PROTECT, and DELIVER solutions to the market.  Customers are flocking to these new solutions and starting to put them to use … a big reason Q2 was our fifth fastest growth quarter in the history of NetDocuments.”

Please join NetDocuments at ILTACON to learn more about Work Inspired and the new Tasks and SmartView Plan solutions.  Contact NetDocuments for more details.

Over the next few weeks, we will join NetDocuments in announcing the rollout of their five-point plan that supports customers’ efforts to work remotely, collaborate efficiently, and meet their goals to deliver content to their clients.  Follow us on Twitter @Crosspointecg and watch this space.  We’re also happy to answer your questions directly – call us at 877-357-0555 or write to us at [email protected].

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