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Last week we looked at the beginning of a process by which a prospective client can be tracked in PCLaw by using the Contact Manager.  This week, we’ll look at another feature that can help us: the Client Intake form.

PCLaw’s automated client intake process allows users to open a new file by using a template intake form. In doing this, it can –

  • Set up a client contact record or convert a Contact to a Client
  • Collect and insert information into a client record
  • Initiate a Conflict Check, and even
  • Create a new client matter

To begin this process, go to the File menu ⇒Client Intake


Step #1: Begin the Client Intake process 

client intake selection

Once you execute this command, you will see a screen that allows for the option of starting a new client intake form; or resuming an existing one. We will begin a new client intake process.

Click on the Next button to continue.

start client intake

This screen gives users some options –


How the form will be viewed by the prospective client –

  1. As an attachment to an email
  2. If the prospective client is onsite, the form can be displayed on screen to be completed in the office
  3. Printed out for the prospective client to fill out and return

In this example, we’ll elect to send the intake form as an attachment to an email –

  1. Enter the prospective client’s name and email address OR
  2. Click on the Contact button to bring up the Contact Manager.
    Select the prospective client’s name to insert details
  3. You may edit the subject line and email message
  4. You may optionally set up a To Do with deadline date for follow up

Click on the Next button to continue

PCLaw will send this information to an Outlook Email message form.

Click Send to send the message with the intake form as an attachment


Step #2: Import information from the email attachment

When the prospective client fills out the attachment, they will send it back as per the instructions in the message. Launch PCLaw and open the attachment.

The Client Intake command will commence with the option to Resume the Client Intake process

client intake resume

You may edit and add to the information that is presented on this screen

There is an option to add to the Notes

There is a button to initiate a Conflict Check

There is an option to create a follow-up Appointment

Click on the Next button to continue or work on this later by clicking on Save & Close

On this last screen –

PCLaw-Intake Screen2

Indicate whether a Conflict Check was initiated, reviewed and enter notes for its outcome

Again, there is an option here to create a follow-up Appointment

Finally, you may indicate whether or not to make this Contact a Client
if  Yes, the Contact record will become a Client record
There is also an option to Generate a Letter to the new Client
if  No, the Contact record has the option of being archived
There is an option to create a new Matter record for this Client

With this feature, PCLaw is no longer a program that merely records a new Matter after the fact, but is a program that becomes part of the process of growing a law firm’s practice.

Through consultation, customization services and training, the members of Eastern Legal Systems can work with you to get the most from this versatile practice management program, call us at 877-ELS-0555.