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It’s hard to keep a secret.  It’s even harder when you know the news is good!  But at long last, after what Sage Timeslips claims is 37 years of development – and 2 years of extensive testing – we are pleased to announce the release of Timeslips Anywhere, a new cloud-native solution from the manufacturers of an award-winning time & billing program.

It’s easy to shrug and say, oh well, yet another entry in the field of cloud-based time & billing applications.  So, what makes this special?

Killer Feature #1: A flexible, fully functional bill layout designer

 Anyone who has worked with cloud-based time & billing apps knows that when it comes to bill layouts, “you get what you get”.  There may be options that control how much detail appears on a bill.  There may be an option to add a logo.  But there are no choices when it comes to fonts, font sizes, the order in which charges appear, etc.  You get what you get.

 The bill layout designer in Timeslips Anywhere is similar to the one you’ll find in Sage Timeslips Premium–

  • Don’t like the font? Change it.
  • Want to add or remove a field? The Bill Layout Designer will show available fields for each section of your bill.
  • Is there something you’d like to add but want to put it in its own area? There are two Customizable Sections that can be resized in order to add text or custom fields.

 With Timeslips Anywhere, you get what you want.

 Killer Feature #2: A *lot* of reports – and a custom report designer

 At Crosspointe, we support many applications that offer time & billing functionality.  Some even include that functionality in an “all in one” application that includes accounting.  Until now, we’ve been pleased to inform interested clients that such cloud-based applications include as many as 22 and 32 reports (time & billing only), 29, and 72 reports for those which include practice management features, and 29 and 57 reports for those which include general ledger accounting. 

 There are over 100 reports in Timeslips Anywhere.

 Furthermore, the companies that support those other applications allow customers to submit feedback if they need reports said applications do not have.  Some will write those custom reports for their customers – for a fee.  Timeslips Anywhere includes a report designer that allows customers to enhance those reports on their own.

What Timeslips Anywhere Is –

  •  A new, cloud-native time & billing solution for any service-based organization who needs a flexible approach
  • Capable of importing data set up in specifically formatted .CSV files containing timekeepers, clients, activities, time entries, expense entries, opening balances, and trust account balances.
  • Scheduled for release in the 2nd Quarter of 2023. Stay tuned for information about the release and pricing.

What Timeslips Anywhere is NOT –

  •  It is not a cloud version of Sage’s on-premise software program, Timeslips Premium
  • It will not be able to migrate all data from customers’ existing Timeslips Premium databases (see item above about importing data)

All in all, those of us on our Crosspointe team who have supported Timeslips over many years are excited at the prospect of meeting our clients’ desire to go to the cloud, and to do so with an applications that offers features we haven’t seen anywhere else.   Call us at 877-375-2810 or write to us at [email protected] to learn more about this product or schedule a demonstration.