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Last September, several of us at Crosspointe Consulting Group attended the first annual meeting of the new entity, PCLawTime Matters, LLC the manufacturer of both PCLaw and Time Matters[1]  At that time, we heard promises; now we are pleased to announce the beginning of the new reality with the release of Version 16.5 of Time Matters. What makes this release special?

  • *Integration* in the area of e-filing with InfoTrack
  • Finally! An update with improved speed and performance with Timeslips
  • An update for Microsoft Exchange sync for better performance and improved security
  • New support for Microsoft and other third-party packages

Review: Time Matters 16.5Integration with InfoTrack

Anyone in a law firm that uploads documents into a court filing system knows what happens:  Each system has its own username and password.  Hopefully no one in the firm came along and changed the password.  And then there is the filing process and was there confirmation the process was successful?  Is there a way to see what documents in our system were uploaded?

All of this is simplified through InfoTrack (https://www.infotrack.com/efiling/), an online efiling service that now has integration with Time Matters.  Presently, InfoTrack works with filing systems in California, Illinois, Indiana, New York and Texas.  They will soon announce efiling services in the states of Massachusetts, New Jersey; and through the Federal CM/ECF (PACER).   Their web site states they are developing solutions for additional states and will announce their presence for those filing systems in future.  InfoTrack representatives gave a demonstration of their link with Time Matters to consultants at our annual meeting.   Once users sign up for InfoTrack and set up the link, it is a matter of going to the Documents tab of a matter, tagging a document or documents, and launching a command to file with InfoTrack.  A window opens to the InfoTrack efiling system, a court or jurisdiction is selected and with one sign-on, the filing system is accessed, document(s) uploaded, and those documents will be flagged in Time Matters as having been filed through InfoTrack.

This is a game changer.

Updated/Improved Link with Timeslips

We’ve waited a long time for this.  This version updated the integration with Timeslips so that data is exchanged faster and more smoothly.  It supports Timeslips Versions 2017 and higher, including Timeslips Premium.   If your firm uses Timeslips, it is well worth upgrading to Version 16.5 for this feature alone.

Updated Microsoft Exchange Synchronization Link

Time Matters has offered a link with Microsoft Exchange that makes it the central point for synchronization of Contacts, Events, and Tasks.  Version 16.5 updated the code for this link for improved performance and security.

New support for Microsoft and Other Third-Party Packages

We’re pleased to see that this new Time Matters version now has links for the following programs –

  • Microsoft Office 2019 (It already had links for Office 365)
  • QuickBooks Versions 2019 and 2020
  • Timeslips Versions 2019 and 2020, as well as continued support for Timeslips Premium

One Cautionary Note…At this time, there is a known issue where this release causes the optional feature, “Time Matters for Outlook” to stop working.   Anyone who wants to avail themselves of that option should wait and not upgrade to Version 16.5 until there is an announcement the issue is fixed.

This is the fifth release in the Time Matters Version 16 series and we remind our readers that previous releases in this series offered significant benefits.  Please Note While new links for the Time Matters Support Center are coming soon, you may read the release notes for each upgrade in the Time Matters 16.X series at — https://support.lexisnexis.com/lndownload/software/tm_16_4_Release_Notes.pdf .   PCLawTimeMatters, LLC offers many resources and benefits for Time Matters users, particularly when they have an Annual Maintenance Plan. We encourage our clients to have one to get the most from their investment in this powerful and versatile program and recommend consider taking advantage of this latest release.

A very Happy New Year to all our readers!  How’s it going so far?  Are you keeping up with your resolutions, or have some of the goals for your organization started to slip away? When users understand the role a program or application has in their firm, and have proper training on its use, productivity soars. You are welcome to contact us at info@crosspointecg.com or call us at 877-357-0555. Let us help you reach your goals for the new year. 

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