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There is nothing that annoys me more than when I have issued my productivity and profitability reports and then find that the next report’s beginning numbers are not the same as the numbers I reported. (OK, there are things that annoy me more but that is not the point!)

Many billing software applications allow you to lock a date so that it will not accept prior entries. However, those applications require the lock date to be set manually, each time the date needs to be updated. Timesolv has a solution.

Timesolv allows users to set up a rolling lockout date for Time and Expense Entries. Only an administrator can make out-of-range entries. This great feature prevents timekeepers from making entries that could affect reports and invoices. If the entry must be made, the administrator will know that previously issued reports are affected. Timesolv is a good cloud-based practice management and billing program with links to QuickBooks Online.

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