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Train Your EmployeesIf you or a family member wanted to learn how to drive a vehicle, would you do so only by watching YouTube videos?  Don’t get me wrong; they have merit for answering the quick question.  But when it comes to acquiring a skill or gaining significant knowledge, particularly in business operations, it is well worthwhile to consider providing training to your employees. Taking care of business should be a key consideration in training your employees to better perform their duties.

Here’s an interesting fact:
The first 90 days are the most important in onboarding a new employee.

And here’s another fact:
45% of new hires leave an organization before 90 days are up.

Support and mid-level staff need to be taught the basics of their new role properly, so that they begin with some confidence and momentum in their new role, and to ensure they actually understand what they are doing.

And yet it is surprising how many firms don’t provide sufficient training to their employees.

The past two years have been categorized as “The Great Resignation”.  Given all the efforts by management to retain employees – and get them back into offices – we’d like to make the case to consider training –

  • When staff receive training, they are more satisfied and have higher morale – which can translate to lower turnover
  • Employees who are provided with appropriate skills-based training understand their jobs better than those who have not received training
  • Trained employees make less errors and mistakes that can cost an organization lost business or legal exposure
  • Trained employees can be more productive than a higher number of untrained employees

At Crosspointe, our services include sharing our knowledge and experience , not only in the programs staff need to know, but the concepts underlying those programs.  These services include –

  • Program or application installation and configuration
  • Database design
  • Customization (database fields, reports, etc.)
  • Individual or group training
  • Supporting documentation
  • Remote access if needed
  • Backup strategies, if needed
  • Support for I.T. staff

Take care of your staff and they will take care of your business.  Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Airlines, said almost the same thing more than a decade ago when discussing employee retention problems in the airline industry. His prophetic comment is even more broadly relevant today.

You can put a dent in the Great Resignation, and pump some new life into your business, by equipping your valuable employees with the skill sets they need to perform their duties effectively and efficiently. And we can help you get there.