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Two-factor Authentication

On July 16, TimeSolv Corporation announced a new feature: the addition of two-factor authentication for its award-winning application, TimeSolv. This feature is easy to set up and gives users the enhanced ability to keep their data safe.

Here’s how to enable this feature –

  1. Log in to TimeSolv
  2. Click on Accounts on the main toolbar and select Settings from the drop-down menu

TimeSolv 2 Factor Authentication

  1. The default value for the field Two-factor Authentication is set to Disabled. Click on the drop-down list to select your preference
    • Every Login – This option will send a code via email to the timekeeper to enter each time they log in to TimeSolv
    • Daily, Weekly or Monthly – The frequency with which a code will be sent via email to a timekeeper to enter when logging in to TimeSolv
  2. Click on the Save button at the bottom of the Settings screen to record your preference

Scott Clasen of TimeSolv Corporation stated, “TimeSolv has always put the security of your data first and foremost.”  Certainly, financial and legal firms have security and ethical standards; and anyone recording data related to their operations has a duty to secure that information. This feature, as well as other features we’ve written about in the past, makes this application one we are proud to support.

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