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Sage TimeslipsWouldn’t it be convenient if all of our clients let us bill them at the same time!? Unfortunately, due to contractual arrangements, the type of work done, etc. that is not always the case.  And it’s too easy to forget when to generate a bill for a client, leaving money on the table.  Beginning with Sage Timeslips Version 2019, or with Timeslips Premium, the Bill Reminders feature simplifies this challenging task.

Simply put, this feature sets up and lets timekeepers know when to generate bills for clients who are not on a cyclical schedule.

Bill Reminders are set up within a client’s record. To do this, open up the record for the client in question and highlight the Bill Reminders page.

Bill Reminders

  • Set up the frequency to be reminded –
    • Never — prevents bill reminders for this client
    • Once — sets a one-time reminder for a specific date.
      • On – indicates the date for the reminder
      • Repeat yearly – repeats this reminder for the same date each year
    • Weekly — sets a reminder that triggers every week. (Turning this on indicates the day of the week for the reminder
    • Monthly — sets a reminder that triggers every month.
      • By – determines if the rule will be a trigger based on the relative day of the week (like the 2nd Friday of the month) or a specific day of the month (like the 28th day of the month)
      • On the – indicates the day for the reminder.  Select the timekeeper who needs to be notified when it is time to issue a bill. Please note: When timekeepers are logged in, they will see only the reminders that are assigned to them.
  • It is important to note the Last reminder – it indicates when a reminder was last triggered for this client.
  • Last bill date – Indicates the last approved bill for this client. This is important because reminders may not be triggered if you had recently generated and approved a bill for this client. See Bill Reminders in General Settings.
  • Next reminder – Shows when a bill reminder will be generated next for this client.

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