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There are times when users need exclusive access to their Sage Timeslips database to perform a specific function.  Some examples are making a backup, creating or editing custom fields, or purging and archiving data to name a few.  If a user is the only one in that database, the program will automatically switch to a status of “exclusive mode”.  But what happens if a user needs exclusive access but there are other users present?  All too often, an administrator will send out a blast email or – as we have often heard – walk through their office saying, “Everyone please get out of Timeslips!”

What many users don’t know is that there is a better way.

In Sage Timeslips Versions 2013 and higher, the command “Exclusive Mode” can be found under the Special menu.
This command will:

– Send a message to logged in users to log out,
– Create a countdown clock with a user-defined time duration, and
– Automatically log out remaining users when the countdown clock expires

To use this feature, please do the following:

Step #1 
From the Special menu, select the command Exclusive Mode…

Step #2
The Exclusive Mode window appears

– Enter a specific message for the other users to see

– Click OK when you are ready

Timeslips-Exclusive Mode

Step #3
If no one else is in Timeslips, the program will switch to Exclusive Mode

If there are other users in the database, the following message will appear:

Timeslips-cant lock db

Choose how many minutes should elapse before the program automatically switches to Exclusive Mode

– Enter a message to alert users this will happen

– Click OK to begin the process

Step #4
A countdown clock window will appear displaying the time left before all remaining users
will be automatically logged out and the program will switch to Exclusive Mode

Timeslips-Countdown Clock

Step #5
While in Exclusive Mode, any user attempting to access Sage Timeslips will receive a message indicating access is denied because the database is locked.  They will also see the message set up in Step #3


Step #6
When there is no further need to be in Exclusive Mode and it is time to allow other users back into the program

Go to the Special menu again and select
Exclusive Mode…

Timeslips-Cancel Exclusive Mode

– Click on the button –   Allow other workstations to access this database

This will cancel the Exclusive Mode status and resume normal access.

This feature is very helpful for billing administrators.  Need to know more tips or learn more about this award-winning time tracking and billing program?  Call us at 1-877-357-0555 or send an email to info@crosspointecg.com.