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The long-awaited Worldox integration with Microsoft Teams has arrived! After successful beta testing, the Teams integration is now available for early release. Interested Worldox users can find the implementation information and requirements in the Worldox Knowledgebase. We encourage interested firms to contact Crosspointe for assistance with the implementation. While not yet available for the Enterprise or Cloud versions of Worldox, it will be in general release with the release of
the new update to Worldox, WDU18, due out in the first quarter of 2021.

This integration provides two-way communication between Worldox and Teams to enable easy collaboration with outside parties, making incorporating changes back into Worldox as a new version a snap. 

Features that are included: 

  • Create new Teams directly from Worldox based on client and matter. 
  • Send documents to the new Team along with comments. 
  • Collaborate with people within the Teams ecosystem. 
  • Easily save documents back into Worldox as new versions.

To learn more about the Worldox + Teams integration, click here to view a recording of a session with World Software Corporation President, Ray Zwiefelhofer  as he showcases the new integration.