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Late yesterday afternoon we were notified by LexisNexis that the service used by Time Matters for their client portal will be discontinued after March 31st.watchdox

Here is what we know:

Question:  What will happen after March 31?

  • After March 31st, WatchDox will not appear in any new releases, including the upcoming
    Time Matters 15.1 release targeted for the Second Quarter of 2016
  • In older versions of Time Matters (Time Matters 13 through Time Matters 15), Time Matters users
    will see a “Server Not Found” error during any attempted access of WatchDox through Time Matters.

Question:  Why has LexisNexis cancelled this service?

  • For the overwhelming majority of WatchDox users, the user experience grew unacceptable over the past 120 days.  Specifically, the solution was often in a “downtime” state, leading to frustrated users
  • More significantly, the current LexisNexis & WatchDox environment was no longer supported after WatchDox’s acquisition by Blackberry, leading to instability and uncertainty in planning and development
  • The user utilization of WatchDox over the past few months has been relatively low, likely due to the customer experience issues. LexisNexis and Blackberry have investigated potential solutions, but were not able to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement.

Question:  So what can users expect?

  • We have been informed that LexisNexis is actively investigating alternative solutions for secure document sharing as part of their  commitment to continually enhancing Time Matters in their regular releases.
  • All customers will be formally notified of this announcement next week.
  • In the meantime, we will continue to update our clients as we learn new details.

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