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This is the second in a series of articles on the new features found in the August 2021 service release for Timeslips Premium.   Today we’re going to look at the new and improved way that Timeslips Premium handles scheduled, automatic backups

Timeslips Premium Scheduled Backups

Previous versions of Timeslips Premium  required users to set up this feature from within the program while at the machine that physically contained the database.  In a multi-license scenario, this meant the machine that had the role of a server.  Microsoft, however, has often issued updates that interfered with, or even broke, the scheduled backup service.  With this August release Timeslips Premium uses a new (and much improved) method to safeguard this service.

The scheduled backup service is now run outside the Timeslips program and can be accessed via the Timeslips Administrator.

Timeslips Premium Station Administrator

Selecting this option launches a wizard which will ask users to:

        • confirm the server location,
        • identify the database to be backed up,
        • select a location and naming convention for the scheduled backups;
        • select the frequency and time when backups should be made.

Please Note: If you have more than one database, then this process needs to be set up to schedule a backup for each database.  Make sure there is sufficient time between the schedules for each database backup to complete, as multiple databases cannot be backed up simultaneously. Sufficient time should be left between each backup.

Once the process is complete, a batch file will be created, and users will be prompted to save that batch file in a specific location.  As a final step, launch the Windows Task Scheduler and create a new automated task that uses the batch file.


The Timeslips Certified Consultants on our team would be happy to assist in setting up this new feature in Timeslips Premium, as well as assist you and your firm with training and customization.  When you purchase a program, you own 100% of it – so why not get the most from your investment?  Call us with your questions at 877-375-2810 or write to us at [email protected].


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