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In May, CARET was proud to announce and release their latest features to their award-winning application, CARET Legal.  Among those features were noticeable enhancements to their workflow functionality.

A workflow is an automated set or template of events (such as appointments) and/or tasks that can be assigned to staff to carry out routine functions.  They might be onboarding a potential client, handling a bankruptcy case, guiding a client through the creation of a will, and so forth. They can be created by practice area.  And once they are created and used, staff can track their progress.

CARET Legal’s workflows were already impressive.  These new features make them more so.


Here are the new enhancements –

  •  To help users get started, CARET Legal now includes sample workflow templates. Just select one and let CARET Legal guide you through the rest of the process.
  • Users can now add descriptions to their workflows. The workflow is then added to the matter, and the description is shown next to the name of the workflow, allowing users to easily identify how the workflow is to be used.
  • Workflow events now have the option to last “All Day”.  Now, when users add an event record to a workflow, they have the option to designate the event as lasting all day.

There are other enhancements that were added to CARET Legal and we’re happy to demonstrate them for you.  Whether you use CARET Legal and want to get the most from this program, or you want to know more about this versatile practice management program, please let us know.  You are welcome to write to us at [email protected] or call us at 877-375-2810 and ask to speak with one of our CARET Legal consultants.

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